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There is a varied path to explore about the motivated sellers who make the process of buying the house at the most affordable rate without any kind of loss. One of the renowned websites is which serves as a hub of motive sellers.


Wholesale is one of the best possible ways to find the motive seller. Wholesaling is one of the excellent strategies when buying a property.  The wholesale has a list of many sellers who would like to sell the property. The varied trick related to the trade is well known to find as well as to market towards the motivated sellers.

Distressed properties are one the best way to get the best deal on the property. There might be many owners who like to sell the house at a discount rate this is mainly due to the reason which makes the distressed property owner who faces the problem due to varied reasons.

One of the best ways to identify distressed properties would be in the local market. It has to be noted that property can be found in the local market in the office as they have the country records. The distressed owner can also be noted in the varied trustworthy sites which give varied information along with their contact information.

Hop onto Craigslist is one of the effective strategies to hunt for the best opportunities on Craigslist.  Most investors are unaware about the way to find a motivated seller would be using Craigslist. Here the buyer needs to monitor the varied section of the property available for sale for a long time. The users need to update their notification settings so they can get the updates of the listing which is direct to the user inbox.

Even contacting the local attorneys would be helpful to find the motivated seller. They have all the details related to the local real estate market. They serve as a local clientele who is aware of the owner of the house willing to sell the house due to varied reasons like legal reasons, bankruptcy, and many more. Here the buyers need to focus on the law as they are the best way for finding viable leads.